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Thomas S. Inui, ScM, MD, MACP

Summer Camp in Adolescence
In 2004 Shunichi Fukuhara and his colleagues invented a non-traditional organizational framework for education and training of promising young clinical investigators.

John Z. Ayanian, MD, MPP

As iHope International celebrates its 10th anniversary, I congratulate Dr. Fukuhara and the iHope staff on the important progress they are making to advance the field of clinical outcomes research in Japan.

Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD

Congratulations to Prof.
Fukuhara on the 10th anniversary of iHope International.
Fukuhara is an innovator who thinks outside the box.
His summer training program is an incubator for future leaders in the field of outcomes research.

菊地 臣一
福島県立医科大学・理事長 兼 学長